This workshop, on April 22, 2015,  welcomes researchers, regulators and operators, each of whom has a stake in ensuring a fair, transparent internet with steadily increasing performance. But there are many different definitions of fair, transparent, and performance, and varying opinions on where the most important benefits of these will accrue. We have been hearing these views as we have collected information on the latest measurement technologies for the past year, on behalf of the FIRE+ unit of the Net Futures  directorate of the EC. Our draft report and recommendations will be made available online to workshop registrants about a month before we meet. We want your reactions and ideas before we present the final report, with community feedback, to its sponsors in May. Invited speakers will present the views of regulators and researchers in both the US and Europe. We will briefly present our study conclusions.  A technical session will discuss new opportunities for measurements on very large scales. We invite comments and technical discussion by attendees. We will provide a mechanism for this when you register, and devote time to it during the workshop.

Featured Speakers:

Scott Jordan,  UC Irvine and CTO, Federal Communications Commision  (FCC)

Frode Sorensen,  Norwegian Communications Authority and Chair, Net Neutrality Expert Working Group, Body of European Regulators of Electronic Communications (BEREC)  

Marco Mellia, Politechnico di Torino, coordinator of mPlane Project

Ozgu Alay, Simula, Norway, coordinator of MONROE project

Bert Wijnen, RIPE (retired) and IETF participant

Collin Anderson, M-Lab

Yuval Shavitt, Tel Aviv University

the CAIDA/MIT group, and others



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