The seventh international workshop on Traffic Monitoring and Analysis (TMA)  will be held in Barcelona on April, 2015. The conference will take place in the Campus Nord of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in the "Sala Master" of the A3 building.

The PhD School  will be held in the "Sala Agora" of the C3 building in the same Campus.


capmus nord


How to reach UPC

The best way to reach UPC is by taxi. If you choose this option, please tell the taxi driver to bring you to number 3 of Jordi Girona Street. At that point, when you get off of the taxi, you will find the Nexus Building.

If you prefer to go by public transport, you can visit the TMB web page where you will find the best way to reach UPC.

The closest Metro (Underground) station is: Palau Reial (Green Line L3).


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